The enchanting Faerie Sweetpea is the most devoted Faerie in Hobart & its surrounding areas.


Flying all the way from the forest in Faerie Land, she has visited over one thousand parties in the last decade, and is fully insured.

Children's smiles are the most magical thing to her, & she loves making sparkly Faerie Wishes wherever she flutters.

When she's not flying around Human Land celebrating birthdays, Sweetpea likes to leave cake crumbs & shiny treasures at the stoops of  Faerie doors in Human Land, to surprise you all! 

About Faerie Sweetpea

Faerie Sweetpea loves the world that you live in, & is committed to making her parties as earth-friendly as possible.


This includes using only plant-based biodegradable sparkles, handmade + ethical prizes & avoiding plastics.

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