Faerie PartiesWith Faerie Sweetpea

1 hour of sparkly fun! For up to 15 children, any age.


Live Video Calls With Faerie Sweetpea

15mn live video calls for your special day,  

full of giggly faerie chatter, story telling and

Faerie wish making!  


A little package will arrive at your home

before the video date via the Pegasus Post,

containing a letter, eco wishing sparkles for all

involved in the video call, and some

Faerie Sweetpea colouring sheets

The videos will be available over

FaceTime or Zoom

15mns of live interactive video Faerie magic

Rainbow face painting

Fresh flower offerings + magical Faerie wishes

Enchanting story telling + a show and tell of

Faerie treasures

Game of pass-the-parcel-box, full of only the loveliest of handmade and ethical prizes

Faerie Sweetpea colouring sheets for everyone

as a parting gift


$50 deposit at time of booking,

payment plans available.


$20 deposit at time of booking

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